How To: Ultimate Birthday Gifts List

In my quest for the list of perfect birthday gifts, I encountered a lot of obstacles and adventures. Through the jungles that I crossed (shopping stores + online), the dangers I faced (unimaginable selection), I managed to find what I was looking for; a foolproof list of birthday gifts. Gifts that are the right mix of thoughtfulness, fun and necessity. Price is important too or more accurately low price. As you may have read from my previous post, when it comes to Christmas gifts, I can be a little “cheap” though I prefer to call it “creative”. I apply the same plan of action for the birthday gifts too.  Inspired by my best friend’s recent birthday, I wanted to offer to the world, my Birthday Gifts Guide to Success.

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How to organize your space

Being a student comes with a lot of advantages but also with some restrictions, like money and what I’m about to talk about today, space.

As a poor student but in the same time a young professional, I chose to rent a room in a flat instead of living in the dorms. It’s a cozy two-bedroom flat albeit small and I’m lucky to have a very lovely roommate. The rent is not the cheapest and there are some months that I don’t have much money left after paying the rent but it’s clean and fairly new, and by walking distance to my college campus.

So in my case, when it comes to my space, it’s more about my bedroom and some tips that I found helpful when I organized my own room. Continue reading “How to organize your space”

How to organize your schedule 

Nowadays, it has become more and more impossible to just be one thing. We have become multi-taskers and we’re working at different projects simultaneously. If you take me for example, I’m a student, an employee and a wannabe blogger. Of course, I’m also a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a best friend, a simple friend, a roommate and the list goes on. But how can you stay afloat with all the responsibilities and engagements that come with these different roles. Continue reading “How to organize your schedule “