Princess Life When You’re Broke

Disclaimer: this post is not about becoming a real princess but being a figurative princess! I’m not looking to marry a prince (it looks like a lot of work!). I just like to feel like a princess, though I wouldn’t refuse an invitation from the Queen, thank you very much!

I believe it’s like a rite of passage for every little girl to have a princess phase in her life at least once, some girls don’t have them at all, whereas for others (me) that phase never ends. I don’t think it’s a crime to think myself as a “princess”. Do I sound like a crazy person? Frankly, I don’t care. It doesn’t mean that because my family is not royal or just wealthy that I can’t feel like I’m privileged too. The magic potion is consisted by a lot of confidence, manners and being resourceful. Let’s take it apart now; confidence is when you believe in yourself, even when you’re scared, I think “fake it till you make it” is a very good idea when you need a little boost; manners: even if you didn’t grow up in a royal family or even if you eat pizza with your hands (the right way!), it’s not difficult to learn manners, just read a book about them and you will never embarrass yourself whatever your background; being resourceful: a very important trait for everyone (in my opinion), you don’t have to be a genius or study/have studied in an ivy league university, you just have to want to learn about different things and especially about general culture to be able to hold a conversation, there are so many books, even films that can help you. Honestly it’s not so difficult!
So, here are my top tips for living a princess’s life on a not so princessy budget:
1.   Look the Part

You don’t have to buy expensive clothes! You just have to keep your clothes in pristine condition or even make small alterations that will automatically lift your outfits. In the end, the label is not so important when you look like a million bucks. There are tricks for that! 😉
2.   Primp yourself regularly at home

It’s so expensive to have a full primping session nowadays, except if you do it yourself, but then it takes so much time. Personally, I think you just have to get used on it and then it won’t be so time-consuming or just dedicate some time each month just for that. I’m talking beauty masks, waxing, eye brows, the whole shebang.
3.   Educate Yourself

As I mentioned above, you can learn these things, you don’t need to be born with a silver spoon, just put it yourself. There are books about savoir vivre and savoir faire, about art and culture. Just visit your nearby public library or download the books on your kindle and you’re set. There are also articles and blogs. Furthermore, there are movies! You don’t like reading (shame on you- just kidding!), there are movies like The princess Diaries (I know I’m not 13 anymore but I still love it!), is the way to go!
4.   Know your way around the right places

Along the same idea as the above step, know where to hang out. I don’t mean that places that richy rich doesn’t hang out, they’re unacceptable but Mayfair and Notting Hill, Kensington and Sloane Square feel more princessy than Shoreditch for example ( I like Shoreditch though too!). When you look the part and you hang around places that match you, you really become the part, if you know what I mean. Just go for a walk around Mayfair, go in the galleries and visit the Bond Street boutiques. Don’t feel intimidated. Just treat yourself to a nice time with empty pockets and you will feel better in a bad day or when you feel down.
5.   Have a princess account

This tip is totally optional. It just nice to treat yourself once in a while, on your birthday, for example, on special occasions, or even once a month. Just have a piggy bank and put whatever amount you want each day/week/month and use it when you want to have a princess moment.



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