How To: Ultimate Birthday Gifts List

In my quest for the list of perfect birthday gifts, I encountered a lot of obstacles and adventures. Through the jungles that I crossed (shopping stores + online), the dangers I faced (unimaginable selection), I managed to find what I was looking for; a foolproof list of birthday gifts. Gifts that are the right mix of thoughtfulness, fun and necessity. Price is important too or more accurately low price. As you may have read from my previous post, when it comes to Christmas gifts, I can be a little “cheap” though I prefer to call it “creative”. I apply the same plan of action for the birthday gifts too.  Inspired by my best friend’s recent birthday, I wanted to offer to the world, my Birthday Gifts Guide to Success.

{Interesting story: in the whole middle school, I used to give variations of the same gift to all of my friends who had birthdays around the Christmas season; a Christmas themed cup that came along with a Christmas themed teddy bear (reindeer, penguin, Santa, …). I want to believe that I helped equipped their first kitchen and also, that every time they use them, they think of me.}

But my cup days are over (well,..not entirely!), but here are my (more mature) gift ideas:

For Her:

  1. Book

If you know them personally, and you know their tastes then you can choose books that you think they would like to read. Otherwise, you can find in charity shops, affordable table books. I find it’s a brilliant idea, as they usually have amazing colors and they’re a great decoration for the house. They are sophisticated and, frankly, cheap at the same time, and it’s also a good idea for someone that you don’t know so well.

  1. Lipstick or Cosmetics

My best friend bought me for Christmas a couple years ago a Dior lipstick that I absolutely adore and every time I use it, I think of her. It is a more pricey choice but at the same time you can find promotions and sites online that you can find them a little bit less expensive.

  1. Tickets

For a person close to you, that you’re willing to spend a little more money, tickets for theater, a concert, or even a trip is a very thoughtful idea that will definitely surprise them. A little more planning in advance is necessary but I’m certain that the results will crown you “the best (supply your title here) ” for a long time.

  1. Tea/Dinner for two / Spa day

Close to the previous idea, planning a tea or dinner for two to treat your sister/mother/best friend/girlfriend etc. or a spa day, will make a great gift. Groupon is a really good place to start your research for a better price. It always has promotions and offers close to where you live, although I don’t know to which countries it applies. Better start looking!

  1. Accessories

Small jewelry, scarves or hats are also amazing ideas. If knitting is a skill of yours, then don’t waste any moment. Pinterest is great for inspiration. Personally, I employ my own knitter (my mom) to create my gifts (what I later try to pass on as my own- not that anyone believes me!), like this awesome knitted crown.

For Him:

  1. Book

What we said about the ladies, it applies for guys too. Last month, I bought a National Geographic photography book from Oxfam for £2 that with a small something else made the perfect gift (in my opinion) for a friend’s boyfriend that invited me to go out with them for his birthday.

  1. Gadget

A little pricey but if it’s for someone really important, I think he deserves it. I was thinking about this thing called hoverboard for my brother. (I’ll be a really cool sister!)

  1. Tickets

For a guy, I don’t know if theater tickets will cut it, in most cases, but for a sports (supply his favorite sport) game, a concert or a tour (ghost tours I find they’re a hit) are great gifts.

  1. Tie

For a more mature and sophisticated gift, I love the tie or cufflinks idea. Funny story, I bought for an ex, a tie for Christmas but we broke up before I could give it to him. A very thoughtful gift, nevertheless. Though, generally, any accessories type gift, can fit the picture. Whatever suits the person it’s intended for.

  1. T-shirt or Shirt

For T-shirts, I think funny and smart logos are awesome. For something more classy, shirts are brilliant. The only problem is that you have to know the right size, or guess it and have a return ticket too.

Good Luck guys!


P.S. A good friend told me that the right gift consists of a small present and a big present. Small and big either in price or size, you choose. I really liked this idea and I try to apply it from now on. It’s always better to receive two gifts than one.  🙂


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