8 Weeks To Christmas

Christmas might be my most favorite holiday of the year (at least that’s how I feel every year during this period). Some may think that it’s quite early to start thinking about it, others will say that it’s the right time, and there may be a few who will say I should have started sooner. In my opinion, this is the perfect time for the preparations to slowly begin.

It can be argued that Christmas is a commercial holiday that can influence people to spend money that they don’t have, in its name. However, even when it might be a quite “manipulative-prone” holiday, I believe that it can also bring hope, a better ending to a (most times) hard year. It’s a reason to reunite with the people you love, your family and it is shown that during that period, most people show their more humane side of themselves (something that we should do though the whole year around).

So, it’s 52 days to Christmas, 7 weeks and 2 days, let’s say roughly 8 weeks.

It’s time to start:

  1. Making Lists for the Gifts

As a poor student, I’m a strong ambassador of the saying “it’s not about the price but the gesture”, so my gifts are coming either from charity shops, the one-pound shop (I know I’m cheap!) or they’re handmade. I try to make my gifts funny and meaningful, quirky and personalized. Last year, I was also initiated in the art of Card Giving, finding that a card and a box of chocolates can be a really nice gift idea. So, as of today, I have a list with all the names of the people that I want to give gifts and Christmas cards. 

2.  Making Christmas Plans

Christmas, if you’re not working, can be a good time to go on a trip, especially when it means to visit family. I’m between two choices and I will know for sure in a couple of weeks where I will officially be on Christmas Day. Start deciding (if you haven’t already decide) guys, you may find that some places are already booked!

3.  Watching Christmas Movies

My favorite tradition during Christmas is, of course, to watch Christmas movies. I always start with a favorite of mine, Love Actually. I still love it and I watch it every single year!

4.  Wearing Red

I started doing that subconsciously, until I noticed it last year and now I do it because I really like it. Red is my favorite color, so it’s actually a pleasure to wear something red every day. Red can represent power so sometimes I feel that it gives me more confidence and also warmth. Additionally, what I absolutely love wearing is this red knitted crown that my mum made me. It’s unique and can be festive for this season (though I wear it throughout the whole winter).

5.  Mini Decorating

In London, on Sunday was the official lightening ceremony, where Kylie (Minogue) did the honors. Many stores have also been decorated (the windows at Selfridges are amazing). In my own room, I like to put Christmas lights on and light them at night while I drink a cup of chamomile before going to sleep. It’s really calming.

Let the celebrations begin! 🙂



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