How to organize your space

Being a student comes with a lot of advantages but also with some restrictions, like money and what I’m about to talk about today, space.

As a poor student but in the same time a young professional, I chose to rent a room in a flat instead of living in the dorms. It’s a cozy two-bedroom flat albeit small and I’m lucky to have a very lovely roommate. The rent is not the cheapest and there are some months that I don’t have much money left after paying the rent but it’s clean and fairly new, and by walking distance to my college campus.

So in my case, when it comes to my space, it’s more about my bedroom and some tips that I found helpful when I organized my own room.

In my bedroom, there is a double bed, a wardrobe and two chest drawers, and a small side table. Unfortunately, I don’t have a desk so I either use the table in the living room or I sit on my bed when I’m studying. I also like going to the library or in a coffee shop, as I find it easier to concentrate when I’m outside the house. I like the big bed and I bought a king size duvet so it’s really cozy, especially on cold days, I don’t want to get up. Also,another bonus is that I have enough space for my clothes and accessories.

So, here are my tips:

  1. Have a designated place for everything but align it with your needs and preferences.

Example: In the one chest drawer (the one next to my bed), I have on the top drawer, my make up and toiletries and generally everything about my skin, even my mini pharmacy; in the middle, everything that includes underwear; and at the bottom one, my pajamas, lounge wear and sport clothes. I have put them in the way I use them on my daily morning and evening routines (first make up, then getting dressed). The same goes for the other chest drawer, all my clothing with the way I get dressed everyday (first trousers, then top, then accessories).

2.  Use the space under your bed (if applicable).

Fortunately, I have enough space under my bed to store my books and everything that I don’t use very frequently and on the one side where it has better access, I have a huge shoe box where I keep all my shoes.

3.  Use (clear) boxes/baskets to separate everything.

I think clear boxes is one of the best inventions when it comes to organization. You can find really cheap ones in Ikea. I also like the colored baskets for those inside contents that I don’t want to be seen.


4.  The art of folding.

I’m going to talk more extensively about folding further down the line, but I couldn’t help mentioning it now too. I think when it comes to optimizing your space, it’s best to know first how to minimize space by folding and putting everything in the best position. I found this book (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever) eye opening.

Have fun organizing your space!



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