London Life

Living in London is a dream come true for me.

I moved here a year ago and I absolutely love it. London is an international city that feels like home. I remember the first time I came, everything felt familiar somehow. The different cultures co-existing flawlessly together, different backgrounds under the same identity. I love being a Londoner and get to discover new things in a city who can surprise you constantly.

Below I have a list of some of my favourite places in London that I love to hang out:

Walking around in the cobblestone streets, getting lost and ending in Soho is one of the best ways to pass your afternoon or spend your time with friends. The market is really nice and I believe it’s the perfect meeting spot. You can find nice coffee shops and restaurants around; a personal favourite, the Timber Yard, good coffee and a nice environment to do some work.

Best place for food. Friendly advice: wear comfortable clothes and be hungry!

  • Notting Hill

Living close by, I like walking there but in any case you should be prepared to walk! I like to start from Portobello Road and find my way to Westbourne Grove (best place to meet for brunch with friends) and if I have time to end up in Hyde park.

I like spending time in the National Gallery. First of all, it has free admission. It is, though, also a place where you can find inspiration. Personally, I prefer going to do some thinking, sitting in front of a painting and letting my mind wander. My perfect time: Friday evening ( it is open until 10pm on Fridays) before meeting friends for a drink at Soho.

  • Primrose Hill

I loved going to Primrose Hill during the nicer days of summer (it’s still nice in winter days but dressed in warm clothing). It has one of the best views in London and it is a great spot for picnics. Also, a good spot for doing some thinking. Strongly recommend to visit!

The above list consist of the places that I love to go, not only when I’m with friends but most importantly when I’m in need of some me-time. Living away from your family, shapes your identity differently and puts you in positions that you need to do a lot of thinking. You discover things about yourself that you didn’t know before and you also become more independent. I find myself a lot of times in need of some thinking time and walking is one of my favourite things to do while I’m lost in my thoughts.

In future posts your will find more places to visit in London.

So without further ado:

Welcome to (my) London Life!


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