How to organize your schedule 

Nowadays, it has become more and more impossible to just be one thing. We have become multi-taskers and we’re working at different projects simultaneously. If you take me for example, I’m a student, an employee and a wannabe blogger. Of course, I’m also a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a best friend, a simple friend, a roommate and the list goes on. But how can you stay afloat with all the responsibilities and engagements that come with these different roles.

Here are some tips from my personal experience:

  • Planner

One of my favorite things. I give props to the person who invented the planners. I feel like I can accomplish anything I want when I use my planner. I found on etsy so many and I got so inspired that I created my own. I find that it’s a nice way to plan your day, stay updated, don’t forget anything, and ending your day successfully.

  • Lists

Another highlight of my everyday life. I love making lists. I don’t necessarily follow them always exactly as I originally made them but I find they are really good guides for planning and seeing how something can be accomplished.

  • Clean space

Personally, I’m a messy person. If you could see my room right now, you will say what is she doing, talking about tidying up. Well, my friends, even messy people have to tidy up sometimes (in my opinion of course). Don’t get me wrong, I know always where everything is, especially when my office desk is a mess but I have to admit that sometimes, especially before starting a new project or even before start studying/working, I like to tidy up a little. I find it helps me concentrate more. I don’t mean go all out, you should ”respect” your messiness but maybe you can move your mess around a little and you will see improvement.

  • Starting point

I know the above line is quite cryptic but let me explain what I mean. I find, lately, especially with all the different social media platforms, that it’s hard to concentrate most times on your tasks at hand. So, I tried to find ways to help me stay concentrated and to successfully finish always my to-do lists. Pinterest is a really good platform to find a plethora of articles and blog posts about this subject. I found that if you start first with the tasks that are more enjoyable to you , you get in a rhythm so it’s easier to finish the rest of your (boring) tasks too. Or, you can combine; first do an enjoyable one, following by a ”boring” one and keep the pattern going.

So these are my top tips to organize my schedule. I hope they are helpful. If you’re interested, let me know your top tips.



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