College Life

As you may have noticed under the name of my blog, this is about the lifestyle of a college student in London. I am proud to say that I’m studying in one of the best fashion colleges in  the world, in one of the most fascinating and expensive cities of the world. Thus, I’m a working college student.

In this post, I wanted to talk about college life (I’ll talk about working while studying further down the line) and my impressions so far.

  1. Meeting new friends

I can stretch enough how important and how vital socializing is during your university years. You meet people from all over the world, you make contacts and you form friendships that will last for ever. A lot of people say that the friends you make at uni, are friends for life.

2.  Student Discounts

It’s the time to do everything you ever wanted but was to expensive for your tastes. From museums to shopping, student discounts are one of the advantages of student life. Take advantage!

3.  Libraries

Another thing, that I personally love about university, is the libraries. The use of them is essential for students(if you want to graduate), but it’s also an advantage to be able to explore amazing places that are not accessible to everyone else, like you belong in an exclusive club called university!

4.  Explore/Learn new skills

Most universities offer classes and workshops to learn new things or explore skills that you didn’t know you had. Take advantage of that, people! I learned how to use photoshop for free, Yeah me!

5.  Where dreams come true

University will give you the tools for how to achieve your dreams. You may decide what you’re going to be or what your dreams are, during uni and you might not. For me, that’s the beauty of being a student; you don’t know where you’re going to be in 5 or 10 years but for the next 3 years(in my case), you’re going to get prepared for what you think it may come and what you don’t know it will come.

I hope my post gave you a small insight on my thoughts about college life or that you share the same thoughts about being a student with me. I would like to hear what you think, so please comment below. Being a student is amazing, but I know that college is not for everyone. What do you think?



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