How to organize your schedule 

Nowadays, it has become more and more impossible to just be one thing. We have become multi-taskers and we’re working at different projects simultaneously. If you take me for example, I’m a student, an employee and a wannabe blogger. Of course, I’m also a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a best friend, a simple friend, a roommate and the list goes on. But how can you stay afloat with all the responsibilities and engagements that come with these different roles. Continue reading “How to organize your schedule “


College Life

As you may have noticed under the name of my blog, this is about the lifestyle of a college student in London. I am proud to say that I’m studying in one of the best fashion colleges in  the world, in one of the most fascinating and expensive cities of the world. Thus, I’m a working college student.

In this post, I wanted to talk about college life (I’ll talk about working while studying further down the line) and my impressions so far. Continue reading “College Life”